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carpet cleaning palm beach
GSDC of Greater Eugene
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Friday - July 9, 2021 GSDC of Greater Eugene Specialty Judge:   (Conformation/Junior Showmanship) Saturday - July 10, 2021 GSDC of Greater Eugene (2) Specialties Judge:  Conformation/Junior Showmanship) Judge:   (Conformation/Junior Showmanship/PeeWee) Entries close on Wednesday, June 30, 2021 at 8:00 PM (PDT)
For additional information about the Specialties Or To be placed on a mailing or email list contact: Kathy Martin,    Show Chair Email: Phones: Cell:   (541) 760-4978  Home:(541) 753-7063 Chris Carter,    Co-Show Chair Email: Phones: Cell:    (503) 931-0766  Home:  (503) 393-9374
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Hosting the GSDC of America Northwest Futurity/Maturity July 11, 2021 Entries taken:  FoyTrent Supertindent Judge: 
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