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GSDC of Greater Eugene
Next Club Meeting Club meeting  at 7:00pm Thursday June 23rd, 2022 July shows Planning    Thru Zoom - watch for invite Contact information President: Chris Carter E/M: Secretary: Kathy Martin E/M:
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If interested in joining our club meeting , please contact Judi James  or call 971-239-5518 and give her your email address to receive the invite by our Zoom Host!
For information on 2022 GSDC of Greater Eugene shows
Go to the Conformation tab for July specialties and GSDCA NW Futurity/Maturity
Go to the Obedience/Rally tab for May trials
It’s been awhile since our last meeting, your club committee’s have been working hard getting Judges hired and AKC approved  for our 2022 shows It’s time for a club meeting thru Zoom to share where we are on our shows:
July 15th & 16th, 2022  TimberLinn Memorial Park - Albany, OR 3 Specialties July 17th, 2022 TimberLinn Memorial Park - Albany, OR GSDCA Northwest Futurity/Maturity August or September 2022 - Date & Location pending: GSDCA Temperament Test
         Place these dates on your calendar:
Our 2022 shows are dedicated to the memory of Lifetime member -- Lori Nickeson
Premium list, entry form, and parking is up…..go to the conformation tab.